Is Every Major Move In The Stock Market Forecasted In Advance?
- Dustin Pass, CEO -
NO COST Web Class Reveals. 
NO COST Web Class Reveals. . .
How A Regulatory Loophole (SEC Rule 10b5-1) Allowed An Elite Group Of Insider Stock Traders To Make
A Combined 917 Trades Without a Single Loss
And How ANY TRADER Can See Their Every Trade...
Even If You Have Little To No Experience!
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"Investors can reap ‘exceptional’ profits by imitating insiders"
- Wharton School Of Business -

Dustin Pass

Fund Manager 

Hubert Senters

Trading Educator

Ross Givens

Research Analyst
The Best Traders You've Never Heard Of
The world’s most successful traders are a small handful of men and women you have never heard of.

And almost none of them work on Wall Street.

The SEC defines them as “insiders” – CEOs, CFOs, board members and the like. 

The secret to their investing success is simple – they only trade their own stock. 

Corporate insiders have a clear advantage over everyday investors. And for the last decade, they have used this advantage to generate a mass of wealth.

Their track record is incredible.

They buy the lows... sell the highs... and regularly buy large blocks of stock just before major moves higher.

In fact, an elite group of these insiders have never had a losing trade. They’ve made a combined 917 trades. All winners. Not a single loss.

They made money 100% of the time.

In this interactive web class, I will share the secrets of this elusive group of super investors.
In This Web Class You Will Learn:
3 Most Profitable Insider Buy Signals
"How to identify 3 key indicators that signal company insiders know something the general public doesn't and how traders can position themselves alongside them"
How Insiders "Legally" Trade
"How SEC Rule 10b5-1 allows insiders to trade their own stock for massive gains and how anyone can easily track and follow their trades in real time"
How Anyone Can Easily Copy Them
"What Form 4 is, and how it enables you to see every detail of these Elite Insiders trades, and why copying them gives you a significant advantage"
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